Family Wealth Planning & Trusts

your legacy

Family wealth demands a level of responsibility and stewardship that is as unique as you and your family are. How each client defines their legacy is just as distinct. At Hudson Oak we appreciate the dynamic and sensitive considerations involved with managing family wealth. Our advisors have career experience serving local clients as well as some of the nation’s wealthiest families nationwide.

To some, a legacy is leaving significant means to heirs and beneficiaries, while to others the perfect estate plan is efficiently exhausting every last dollar during life through consumption and/or lifetime wealth transfers. Some families value experiences and lifetime enjoyment, while others value security for the next generation. However, in order to leave the legacy you intend, planning should occur well in advance and is dependent upon your unique goals.

Thanks to our experience - both practically and technically - we understand the complex inter-generational needs of these clients and the unique considerations they are often faced with. Whether it be proper estate planning, trust administration, wealth transfer planning and preservation, beneficiary coordination, educating family members on family wealth, or philanthropic management: we have family office experience managing wealth in manners that are often unique to high-net-worth and wealthy families.