Real Estate Investors

Building wealth

Investing in or managing real estate often presents unique attitudes and perspectives towards wealth. The use of leverage, depreciation opportunities, unique tax considerations, managing cash flows, or the ability to defer certain gains can make an investment in real estate attractive for many. With these unique opportunities also comes certain obstacles for real estate investors. We are here to help build, piece together and manage your broader wealth plan while understanding and appreciating your unique real estate portfolio and goals.

We understand the need for customized investment portfolios to properly complement the existing real assets already present in your estate and build plans and provide advice accordingly based on each client’s goals and needs.

Our advisors have experience addressing and managing around liquidity concerns and constraints of those that have material illiquid wealth in real estate. We also have experience advising on and analyzing various tax deferral techniques and strategies, whether transferring one property to another for a better opportunity, taking advantage of new tax laws or understanding the pros and cons of certain succession planning opportunities and the ultimate management of properties. We can partner closely with other trusted tax and legal professionals in this space to ensure such a significant portion of your wealth is properly coordinated with your overall financial goals.