Wealth Advisory is the core service which Hudson Oak was founded on. A wealth advisory relationship is all encompassing and is designed to provide clients with their own personal CFO managing wealth, planning, investments as well as coordinated tax services if desired and appropriate. It is a deep relationship utilizing a unique structure allowing the advisor to demonstrate the breadth and depth of their expertise and craft meaningful solutions for clients. Through this approach we offer our clients the ability to truly tie together wealth services in a one-stop shop and experience the most value from their advisory relationship.

This relationship offers all of our other services at a favorable and unique fee-structure. Our Wealth Advisory relationships are not based purely on assets being managed but on your net-worth when appropriate. We believe this is the best model to eliminate any possibilities for conflict over what form your assets should take. Therefore, no biases towards your assets having to be in an investment portfolio will exist as we are engaged to objectively assist in the management and advising of your complete financial picture. Your assets will only take investment form if it is our advice this should be the case and you agree. We believe that if we are truly managing and advising on your complete wealth we should not necessarily be biased towards the investment portfolio only, as has traditionally been the case within the industry. With our Wealth Advisory & Management Service we truly manage your entire wealth. We believe that our transparent fee opportunity is structured to align with this approach.

In addition to the wealth management and coordination of our client’s financial worlds, the links below provide additional detail on each underlying advisory service line that is included in a wealth advisory relationship or available as a stand-alone service.