The Hudson Oak Experience

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a unique partnership

We start with you. You speak and we’ll listen. We learn about your life, where you came from and what your plans are moving forward. We then encourage an open and honest dialogue and we won’t overwhelm you with more information than is needed. Once we better understand who you are and what your initial thoughts are towards wealth, we can then begin to assess how our model may best fit your needs.

We believe that we offer a unique partnership opportunity with clients. We separate ourselves from traditional advisory relationships due to our desire to truly learn about our clients lives first - not focus on selling them products they don’t understand or need. At Hudson Oak we have no products to sell other than our service. As we understand who our clients are, we can apply our expertise as their trusted wealth advisor across many areas of their wealth thanks to our diverse background. We act as your quarterback, facilitating relationships with your other advisors as well to make sure your financial world is properly tied together.

As such, at Hudson Oak we strive for our clients to become our partners and ensure their needs are heard. In our past experience prior to founding Hudson Oak, we were in meetings at large firms where the advisory team would dominate a meeting and there hardly seemed to be any room for the client to participate at the table. This is not that model. We succeed when our clients do, and we believe the only way for that success is through trust and a deep, broad encompassing relationship with you as the focal point.

our advisory formula

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Our goal is to advise clients on all areas of their financial world. Therefore, we conceptualize our advisory approach into a basic formula of advanced financial planning in combination with investment consulting & management and an option for tax advisory - all surrounded by professional relationship management.

Traditional wealth advisors may lead with or only offer investment management and not ever incorporate true financial planning. Our approach is the opposite. To us, in many cases the investment management component is just a single, though crucial, piece of our relationship with clients. Instead, we lead with planning and structure our wealth advisory relationships accordingly with wealth and tax planning often being the primary strategic points. To truly manage an individual’s wealth we believe you must view the entire picture, not just focus on investments, but rather leverage and utilize those investments to fulfill client goals. We will never assume we have control over future investment performance, but we do know that opportunities can exist to create efficient wealth through implementation of proper financial and tax planning strategies.

While other advisors may also lead with planning, very few have the depth and breadth of expertise that Hudson Oak Wealth Advisory possesses through years of servicing complex relationships in not just financial planning, but tax, estate planning, investments, insurance and many other disciplines as well, all within a truly independent and fee-only model.


We structured our business to remove as many conflicts of interest as possible. Not only are we completely independent from the pressures of large institutions, the only fee we receive is directly from our clients: We are fee-only.

This is different from traditional advisors and many “fee-based” firms who focus on product sales and transaction volumes that pay them commissions. In our opinion, we believe that despite the best of intentions, the existence of conflicts within a “fee-based” model is not appropriate when objectively managing wealth.

Further, we have structured our compensation model to offer an opportunity to be completely impartial towards both the form of our clients’ wealth and the service for which they choose to engage us. We have thoughtfully created our firm in a manner to avoid many factors that have traditionally led to actual or potential conflicts of interest.

When our clients work with Hudson Oak Wealth Advisory, it is important to us that they know we put their needs first. It is the prerequisite to establishing the trust necessary to have a meaningful advisory relationship. We manage the entire picture, continuously crafting and monitoring solutions to give clients what they need first and foremost - not what the advisor needs.