Our Clients

We have traditionally served a diverse group of high-net-worth families given our robust background and experience in this space. However, in founding Hudson Oak Wealth one of our intentions was to work with high-earners, entrepreneurs and others that are accumulating wealth and can benefit from deep guidance and stewardship. As a result we serve clients from varying walks of life and with competing levels of complexity.

We do not require specific levels of assets to be a wealth advisory client, however those clients that are in their accumulation phase tend to be high earners and families with competing wealth, income and broad financial planning priorities.

In the end, we focus on clients that have complexity, are in need of fresh and thoughtful solutions; open to new perspectives surrounding their financial world. If you have complexity in your financial life and could benefit from experienced and impartial guidance, we’d love to have a conversation to see how we can help and build a lasting relationship.

Specialty Groups

In addition to our general client profile, we specialize in several distinct service areas thanks to our years of diverse experience. The below focus areas are ones in which we have particularly distinct experience managing wealth that requires unique understanding beyond that of other client profiles. Please select a specialty focus to learn more.

Business owners & Startups

We have the skill and experience to serve your wealth advisory and many business consulting needs. From founding to succession we assist business owners on designing and executing strategies for business & personal wealth.

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors face a distinct set of challenges and must balance tax, legal, management and liquidity concerns as their properties fit into their overall wealth.

equity compensation

Fortune 500 or private startup. We understand the financial and tax complexities of company stock and benefit plans for executives, managers and other key employees. We have experience managing equity and concentrated positions.

sudden wealth

Suddenly being faced with new wealth can result from many sources. Following the wealth event(s), a new sense of responsibility emerges. We are here to help guide you forward.

family wealth planning & trusts

Our experience as both high-net-worth wealth and tax advisors has afforded us unique insight on how to efficiently manage wealth over generations. We effectively structure wealth and manage the important family dynamic surrounding wealth.

urban professionals

Urban professionals and their families face unique and competing priorities. Whether finance, medicine, tech or law we are urban professionals and know your challenges.