Why? It is a question we are each confronted with constantly - either explicitly or subconsciously in our daily lives - some more than others. Sometimes justifying “why” to ourselves or others can feel required. Other times it isn’t really necessary or anyone else’s concern. With our firm, we feel that sharing our story and offering an explanation of our “why” is helpful to those we look to serve. Specifically, “why” we founded our firm and “why” we do what we do.

We created our firm to step away from exclusively serving the ultra-high-net-worth in wealth management, investing, financial planning and tax in the hopes of offering those skills to not only the wealthy, but to a broader market that traditionally hadn’t been offered such quality and complete services. These consist of the mass affluent, businesses and owners, the next generation of wealth or high earners, and more. More on our firm’s history and background can be found in our story, our mission and our values.

For us, the answer to “why” is not always succinct. In the end however, why we do what we do is because we want to serve families in an honest and transparent way they deserve. Our why is that we want to offer people a better way forward. This isn’t to suggest that other firms and advisors are not appropriate stewards of wealth. We just have conviction that our origin and offering is unique. We believe our diverse experience prior to founding this firm, and therefore the perspective we offer, is not often found in other firms. This is why we are excited and passionate about what we offer to our clients and community.

We thank our clients for their belief in our why. In the process of working with us, the answer to “why” our clients and others trust Hudson Oak Wealth becomes apparent through the relationships we forge and the value we create over time. In experiencing Hudson Oak Wealth’s “why” we help clients better define, work towards, and live their own “why”, one step at a time.

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